Flat grave markers typically feature a smaller amount of text and design elements than other types of headstones, but a wide variety of images, designs, and symbols are available in our art files to help memorialize the one you love. Utilizing the laser adds a whole new element to the potential design. Be assured that we will work diligently with you and your loved ones to design and create it to your exact specifications and desires.

Examples below of fully lasered markers.  Notice the photo realism of the doves and rings.

20140429_103252016_iOS 20140625_172910986_iOS

Examples below illustrating the sandblasted simplicity of text.  Notice the quality of the cut and legibility.

Our process is unique and font choice clearly legible.

20130918_111533674_iOS 20140429_103306873_iOS 20140726_115658533_iOS

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