The top portion shows the unpolished effect of the stone.  This would be the same color as the natural lettering.

Is one stone better than another?

The short answer is No. All granite is made up of similar elements and each one of the selections here will endure for generations. The type of granite that looks beautiful as a countertop would likely not be appropriate for the cemetery. We use only the finest quality materials from the best granite quarries, superior craftsmanship, and utilization of the latest technologies in the industry to assure you of a lasting memorial you and your family will be proud of.

Is one color better than another?

Many stones suit specific requirements more appropriately. You may have noticed that many stones in older sections of local cemeteries are mostly grey.  This is because grey granite was the most common stone in our region.  Many stones do not provide a nice natural contrast when carved and a highlite (paint) must be introduced. This highlite will fade over time (15 to 25 years) and will need to be redone to maintain legibility.

Which stone provides the best natural contrast?

Jet black provides the best natural contrast.  Once inscribed the text will remain as legible as the day it was cut.